Binary Search Tree (BST) is a data structure that provides us the fast lookup times, insertion and removal of the nodes. The data structure is especially efficient when it comes to fast lookup and implementation of dynamic sets of items or lookup tables. Some of the huge tech companies use this data structure to create what we take for granted for example: Facebook is able to search through billions of users’ data quick or Google search engines are able to populate suggestions as you start typing.

This data structure was quite a mystery to me because I wanted to solve…



Graph traversal means visiting every vertex and edge exactly once in a well-defined order. The order in which the vertices are visited depend on the type of algorithm methods you are using for a specific task. For the article, we will create the following Binary Tree where we will explore the Breadth First Search method to traverse through the tree and search a specific thing (anecdotally a specific fruit on a tree 🍎)

John Ahn

Hi, i’m a software engineer based in NYC!

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