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Breadth First Search. “What Is It?”

Depth First Search Example
Breadth First Search Example
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Queues, Queues, Queues

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Implementing the Breadth First Search

the following creates the structure of the binary tree by adding the name of the node and its children (as an array)constructor(name) {
//this creates the node as name = name;//this creates the node's children for the binary tree
this.children = []
//pushes the newly created nodes in to the children array.
this.children.push(new Node(name));
//return the created branch
return this
breadthFirstSearch(stashArray) {
//create a queue array to store queues. This can be done by creating an array with just the root node as a starting point .
const queue = [this]
//add the tree branches until the queue's length is 0 or less! (which in this case wont be until the very tip of the branch)
while (queue.length > 0) { //currently iterated queue element will be the first element of the queue
const current = queue.shift()
//add the name of the node to the Stashed/Visited Array as you're traversing through the tree stashArray.push(;
//for each child of the node in the current element of the queue, add the children associated to the node in to the queue
for (const child of current.children) {
//finally return the array with all the Stashed/Visited elements
return stashArray

Time/Space Complexity

Recursive Solution?? — “no”

Concept Summary

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